The way we go about reading a book has always been straight forward; we pick our meticulously bonded pieces of paper and simply read. Sometimes this isn’t enough, sometimes we crave more than the traditional experience. Some of the world’s most creative, well, creatives, have taken literary classics and some not so classic and presented them to the public in unique ways.

The following list contains some of the coolest, subtle and completely jarring book designs that challenge the generic physical presentation often associated with a “book” for those who are looking for something new…

1. A Heat Sensitive Edition Of Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

Well that’s ironic. The Jan Van Eyck Academie in the Netherlands created a version of Ray Bradbury’s classic dystopian novel where the text only becomes visible when one heats the book up. These inspired individuals have not only created a unique, yet dangerous reading experience, but may have also inadvertently found a cure for pyromania. They’ve been working on marketing and distribution since 2017 and it looks like it’s about to be available to the public this year; don’t take my word for it, this could be fake. But hey, purchase here.

2. Rolling Words by Snoop Dogg

The national treasure that is Snoop D-O-G-G has officially blown the minds of the literary community right out of his favorite mothership bong. This gem of a book contains the lyrics to many of the master’s songs, all written in non-toxic ink. Why do you ask? Because the pages are perforated and made of rolling paper. Yeah. One can be eloquently reminded of one the nation’s most memorable musical artists while prepping for a “session.” In addition to rolling paper pages, this book is made entirely of hemp with a spine that you can strike a match on. Unfortunately, this was a promotional item and doesn’t seem to be available anywhere other than your smelly neighbor’s eBay account.

3. Coffee Stains by Martha Hayden

Most readers and writers love coffee and it’s ever-surprising legality. I mean, an individual can get pretty cranked up on caffeine to the point where they probably shouldn’t be operating heavy machinery … Anyway, Martha Hayden most likely took this love for caffeine into account when creating this next beauty. Coffee Stains is a book containing twenty-two pages made from coffee residue. The cover is made from paper that comes from villages in Nepal. These villages contain vegetation called “Lotka”, a bush that regenerates after being dismantled. The book itself is beautifully “painted” and talks about the health benefits of coffee. Overall, a very hipster and environmentally-friendly read.

4. We’re Getting On by James Kaelan

This novel verges on ironic in the same way as numero uno, *spoiler alert* so will the one that follows this one. The first editions of James Kaelan’s novel, about a group of friends who move to the Nevada desert in an admirable attempt to live without technology, are filled with recycled paper and have covers made of birch seed. The characters in his novel face troubles associated with the contemporary American experience and it’s all meant to be quite an eye-opener for the reader. So basically, you can plant this book upon completion and save the world. Why does the air suddenly feel so dense?


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