House of Books: Majestic Photos Of Libraries Around The World By Franck Bohbot

French photographer Franck Bohbot appreciates the simple pleasure of reading books, so he decided to travel around the world to document the most beautiful libraries.

Currently living in New York, Bohbot started the “House of Books” series back in 2012, and has already visited some of the finest libraries, such as Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Biblioteca Angelica in Rome and the New York Public Library. The project is still ongoing, but it has already been featured on many popular art websites.

Bohbot is well known for his symmetric compositions. He likes documentary-style and capturing unusual atmospheres. Besides photographing libraries, he has already documented theatres, museums, trains stations, courts and swimming pools.

More info:

Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris

Bibliothèque Mazarine, Paris

Biblioteca Angelica, Rome

Boston Public Library, Boston

Bibliothèque Mazarine, Paris

BNF Site François Mitterrand, Paris


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