How to Make a Book Chandelier

This is my last post on my best friend’s very charming literary themed wedding. About 2 weeks before the wedding, I volunteered to make something for the guest messages when I found out that the couple will be using a regular guest book (sometimes, we hate the word “regular”, right? :)). I got this idea from Paper Magazine. These are a cluster of book chandeliers that will make up a book hanging garden. Find out at the end of the post how the guests wrote their messages here.

Here are the steps for this project:

Cut an old book’s pages using a cutter. It’s actually not that hard because it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight.

Use these pages to make folded petal-like pieces by simply gluing both ends of a page. Use about half of the total book pages you cut. (The other half may be scattered with flower petals on the on the aisle’s red carpet for the ultimate literary themed walkway!)

Decorate the book. For this project I used colored paper with the wedding’s motif: orchid, black and silver, to cover the books. I also used my cutting machine to make the couple’s initials with wreath accent on the front cover.


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