I Give New Life To Old Books That I Find In Thrift Stores

Back in 2012, while cutting through a familiar alley in Seattle, I noticed a box of hardback novels sat beside a dumpster. I took one look at them and thought, “Why are these being thrown away? I can use them for something”.

Three years later, here I am. I have experimented with a countless amount of novels found in alleys and thrift stores. I have spent sleepless nights curled over my desk with glue up to my elbows, fingers cut from my clumsiness with an art knife (and clumsiness in general), and all of it fueled by my love for bringing something discarded back to life.

I pour my enthusiasm for nature and fairy-tales into every page I work with, in hopes of creating just a little bit of magic. I am a quiet lady, but my imagination is wild and noisy, and these books full of words allow me to speak the images that weave through my mind, daily.

Art knife, glue, Micron ink pens, water color pencils.


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