Man Proposes to Girlfriend by Writing a Children’s Book

Now here’s a proposal that a girl couldn’t say “no” to: redditor ppaul9 wrote a book about how he fell for his girlfriend, included the scene where he proposes, and acted it out as his love was reading it! The romantic guy had his story illustrated and printed out, and hid the book at a local library – along with a photographer, who later captured the whole scene.

As the couple was looking for children books for the girl’s nephews and nieces, the romantic guy “found” the one he wrote and asked her to read it out loud to him. Once the girl got to the scene where the gorilla proposes to his beloved giraffe, the guy knelt and made the fairy tale come true. I don’t think anybody doubts the ”happily ever after” in their case!

There once was a gorilla

That fell for a giraffe.

She surprised him by how much

She could make him laugh.

The two, you see,

Were from different worlds

Their first date, so nervous,

He’d certainly hurl.

In spite of their differences,

It was love at first sight.

His feelings grew quickly,

His heart took to flight.

The gorilla, his life,

Unpolished and scattered

Now refined and focused

On those things that matter.


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