Modern Tree Shelves Playfully Designed to Hold Books on Their Branches

UK-based artisan BespOak Interiors creates unconventional shelving that celebrates the tranquility of nature with its eye-pleasing forms. Using oak wood, sculptor Dan Lee constructs small and large tree structures that hold your books while adorning your walls with their elegant, iconic forms. Like a real tree, each piece of furniture has a central trunk with branches that splinter and multiply. Lee, however, has made a crucial tweak with his design—the arms are flattened and able to display a variety of items.

BespOak uses a similar build for each shelf, but they vary in surface texture and aesthetic. Some of the pieces offer a smooth, clean finish that feels minimalist and modern. Other versions have a bark covering, which looks rustic and gives the space an earthy appeal.

All of BespOak’s products are made to order and tailored to your exact specifications—this ensures that their piece will fit comfortably in any space.


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