Overnight at the Prime Minister’s Library & other Bookshop Hotels

If you’d rather camp outside than stay in a soulless hotel chain on holiday, join the club. But today, we’re taking our charming hotel search to another level. Bookworms and library lovers gather round, because we’ve got 5 overnight stays where you can eat, sleep and dream about books… (okay, maybe not eat books). Pack your bags!

1. Night at the Prime Minister’s Private Library

To celebrate his retirement as British Prime Minister, in 1895 William Gladstone founded a public library. At the age of 85, he wheelbarrowed his entire personal collection of 32,000 books the ¾ mile between his home and the library. His desire, his daughter said, was to “bring together books who had no readers, with readers who had no books”. Today, Gladstone’s is the UK’s only residential library…

The library has a total of 26 rooms with views of the Welsh countryside. But the real bonus is access to the library, which holds 250,000 printed items, until 10 p.m. (it closes to the public at 5 p.m).


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