Photographer Goes Around The World In Search Of The Most Beautiful Libraries, And Here Is What He Found

Aren’t libraries just magical? The peaceful silence, the mysteries of hundreds of books, the smell of them… And if the library itself is a Baroque architecture masterpiece it sure helps to increment the fascination. In case that your community hasn’t been blessed with a local library resembling the one in Hogwarts, we can offer a picture list of the most beautiful ones for you to dwell on.

Italian artist Massimo Listri has traveled around the world capturing the beauty of the most famous libraries. The chosen institutions, revered for their historical value, architectural relevance and preciousness of the books they keep, are standalone works of art. For those lucky enough to visit these design marvels, spending a whole day at the library doesn’t sound so bad!

Most of these ornate bibliothecas aren’t open for civic uses, so Listri’s pictures can take you on tour to those kept from the public eye. From Gothic architecture halls to gilded public libraries, these magnificent establishments can leave you in awe.

Scroll down and let your bibliophile side marvel at the charm the likes of which only these libraries can offer!

1 Baroque Architecture Library Of Saint Gall, Gallen, Switzerland

2 Palace Of Mafra Library, Mafra, Portugal

3 Famous Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

4 Metten Abbey Library, Metten, Germany

5 Library Of Fermo, Fermo, Italy

6 Royal Portuguese Cabinet Of Reading, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

7 Wiblingen Abbey Library, Wiblingen, Germany

8 Sainte-Geneviève Public Library, Paris, France

9 Riccardian Library, Firenze, Italy

10 Seitenstetten Abbey Library, Seitenstetten, Austria


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  1. I would love to see an affordable tour package of the greatest Libraries of Europe, or Central and South America, or Asia, you name it. This photographers work would not be complete without publishing his photos in a book if not already done…

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