Royal Reads: Books About Royalty

A collection of royal reads for those who can’t get enough of the British royal family!

Did you watch in awe when Will and Kate got married? Do you follow along with all the news about Harry and Meghan? If yes, these books about royalty will be perfect for you!!

This list of royal reads is a mix of books that are loosely based on real life royalty and books that create their own royal families. A few are inspired by the British royal family. Some imagine an American monarchy. All will fulfill your desire to read about kings, queens, princes, and princesses!

Royal Reads Based on Real Life

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

Goodwin uses Queen Victoria’s own diaries as inspiration for this novel. At 18 years old, Victoria was unexpectedly thrust into her role as Queen. Right from the start she made it clear she would be a strong ruler. Read this fictionalized version of Victoria’s life as a monarch and her iconic relationship with Prince Albert.

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The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

This was my first Gregory and it’s still an all-time favorite read!! Anne and Mary Boleyn are sisters who turn up at King Henry VIII’s court. Mary catches the King’s eye, but Anne is more ambitious. As Mary realizes her life is just a pawn in her family’s schemes, she starts to make decisions for herself and the future she wants.

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The Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright

First up in the royal reads section based on the current British royalty is The Heir and the Spare. Evie finds herself enrolled at Oxford University courtesy of her late mother and she’s planning to make the most of her time there. Until she falls in love with Edmund, who turns out to be second in line to the throne of England. As they navigate the expectations and responsibilities together, they also learn that Evie’s mom was hiding a secret of her own.

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