Frog And Toad Together Book Quiz

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    Who baked the cookies that Toad and frog eat together?

    • Frog
    • Toad
    • Other friend
  • Question of

    How many cookies Toad and Frog ate?

    • A few cookies
    • All the cookies
    • A lot of cookies
  • Question of

    Why do they want to stop eating cookies?

    • They can get sick.
    • They wanted to keep some cookies for some friends.
    • They ran out of cookies
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    What do they need in order to stop eating cookies?

    • Some money
    • Will power
    • Hide the cookies
  • Question of

    What is will power?

    • Is trying hard not to do something you really want to do.
    • Is doing something you love to do.
    • Is not doing something you don’t like to do.
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    Finally what Frog did with the cookies?

    • Hide them
    • Give them to the birds
    • Eat all of them
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    Who was having a dream?

    • Toad
    • Frog
    • Both of them
  • Question of

    In his dream what Toad did?

    • Play piano, walk on a high wire and sing.
    • Play piano, walk on a high wire and dance.
    • Play piano, dance and sing.
  • Question of

    In Toad’s dream, every time he did something good he:

    • Thanks Frog for his friendship.
    • Said Frog he can’t do what he was doing.
    • Said every body he was the best in the world.
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    What happened every time Toad finished one of his actions?

    • Frog cheer
    • Frog shrunk
    • Frog got fatter
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    When Toad woke up, where was Frog?

    • Standing near Toad’s bed.
    • Outside the house looking through the windows
    • Sleeping in another bed
  • Question of

    What Toad did to remember what to do during the day?

    • He told Frog to remind him what to do
    • He wrote the things to do in a list in a piece of paper.
    • He wrote the things to do in a wall in his house
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    What happened when Frog and Toad were taking a walk?

    • Toad fell down and broke his leg.
    • The wind blew out Toad’s list.
    • A tiger eat Toad’s list.
  • Question of

    Why Toad didn’t run with Frog to try to catch the list?

    • He was really tired.
    • His leg was broken.
    • Run after the list was not on his list.
  • Question of

    What Frog gave to Toad in order to have a garden?

    • A magic spell
    • Flower seeds
    • A piece of land


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