How Well Do You Know Books?

Do this book quiz and see how well you actually know the books on your bookshelves. A great game for all bookworms, enjoy!

  • Question of

    Who wrote ‘ Let’s pretend we never met ‘?

    • Davis
    • Melissa Walker
    • Barbara Taylor Bradford
  • Question of

    What was fish in a tree about?

    • A fish struggling in water and decided to go to the tree
    • A girl who transformed into a fish
    • A fish suffering in a tree
    • A girl who had dyslexia and had a teacher who was inspiring
  • Question of

    Who wrote making the ends with Oscar?

    • Nick Arnold
    • Dyan Sheldon
    • Lynda Mulally Hunt
    • David Dosa
  • Question of

    What type off writer is Barbara Taylor Bradford?

    • A romance writer
    • Writes jokes
    • A horror story writer
    • A writer who writes children’s books
  • Question of

    What was Cavendon luck all about?

    • The luck that the family has
    • How rich they are
    • War coming
  • Question of

    In boy in stripe pyjamas, who was the Best Friend of Shmuel?

    • Hitler
    • An animal
    • Bruno
  • Question of

    Which of the following is by Jack London?

    • Making rounds with Oscar
    • The call of the wild
    • Bursting bubbles
  • Question of

    Anne Frank is a ________?

    • Diary of a young girl
    • A horror story
    • A non fiction book
    • Joke book
  • Question of

    Who Wrote the diary of a wimpy kid?

    • Melissa Walker
    • Christopher
    • Jeff Kinney
  • Question of

    Thea Stilton is a?

    • Cat
    • Dog
    • Rat


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