How Well Do You Know Diana Gabaldon’s Series ‘Outlander’?

How well do you know Claire, Jamie, Brianna, Roger, and their adventures through time? Test yourself by playing this funny quiz 

  • Question of

    While on a second honeymoon with her husband, Frank, Claire Randall walks through ancient standing stones and is transported back in time. In what year does she leave Frank and in what year does she arrive in the past?

    • 1940/1800
    • 1990/1700
    • 1942/1740
    • 1943/1746
    • 1946/1743
  • Question of

    To save herself from English Dragoons, Claire is forced into a marriage. Who is the man she marries?

    • Dougal MacKenzie
    • Jamie MacTavish
    • ‘Black Jack’ Randall
    • The Duke of Sandringham
    • James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser
  • Question of

    What is the Fraser clan motto?

    • Tulach Ard.
    • Broch Turarach.
    • Bas mallaichte.
    • Allez! Allez! Montez!
    • Je suis prest.
  • Question of

    Fergus, a young French boy Jamie adopts, is a pickpocket. What is Fergus’s given first name?

    • Louis
    • Claudel
    • Charles
    • Comte
    • Murtagh
  • Question of

    What is the name of the baby that Claire miscarries?

    • Hope
    • Charity
    • Jenny
    • Diana
    • Faith
  • Question of

    In Edinburgh, Jamie’s primary occupations are:

    • printer/farmer
    • printer/sea captain
    • printer/smuggler
    • tavern-owner/brothel owner
    • He doesn’t work.
  • Question of

    When Roger travels through the stones in search of Brianna, what is he carrying to keep him safe?

    • an emerald
    • a ruby
    • Nothing, no protection is needed.
    • Claire’s wedding rings
    • a diamond
  • Question of

    Jamie has two primary nicknames for Claire. The first is ‘Sassenach’. What is the second one?

    • mo nighean donn
    • Lallybroch
    • La Dame Blanch
    • mo charaid
    • Sionnach
  • Question of

    Geilie Duncan/Gillian Edgars believed the following was all required to move successfully through the passages of time via the standing stones. Which was NOT required?

    • Gemstones
    • A blood sacrifice
    • A particular date
    • Fire
    • Special clothing
  • Question of

    Jared is Jamie’s cousin in France. What sort of business does he run?

    • smuggling
    • a brothel
    • printing shop
    • Wine shipping
    • apothecary supply shop


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