Test Your Knowledge About Books

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    What kind of information can a TITLE give you?

    • It can telll you who wrote the book.
    • It can help you predict what the book is about.
    • It can tell you who published the book.
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    The AUTHOR is the person who writes a book.

    • True
    • False
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    If a book has only one person’s name on the cover or TITLE PAGE it means…..

    • That the person who wrote the book also illustrated it.
    • That the book does not have an author.
    • That there was not room to put another person’s name.
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    The illustrator makes the pictures for the book.

    • True
    • False
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    • Where you can find charts and diagrams in a book.
    • How many pages are in the book.
    • Names of chapters and the pages they start on.
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    CHAPTER HEADINGS tell you the main topics covered in a book. This is helpful because….

    • Now you can find the exact page for a specific subject.
    • It will let you know if the book will be useful for you.
    • Now you won’t have to read the book.
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    An INDEX is ….

    • A list of page numbers.
    • An alphabetical listing of the topics in a book and the pages they can be found on.
    • A listing of chapter headings in the front of a book.
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    The TABLE OF CONTENTS will not tell you how many chapters are in a book.

    • True
    • False
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    What is a PUBLISHER?

    • The place the book was printed
    • The name of the company that printed the book.
    • The person who edited the book.


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