Which Literary Heroine Are You?

Elizabeth Bennet, Jane Eyre, Anne Shirley, Wendy Darling or Isabella Swan? Take the quiz and find out which of my favorite literary heroines you´re most like!

  • Question of

    Are you handsome?

    • No, at least not according to the common criteria
    • Yes, I´m a good looking person, although not a “shining beauty”
    • I think yes, although I think words like cute and sweet are more appropriate
    • I´ve never thought so myself, but people around me tend to think I´m pretty hot
    • There are many opininons about this and I´m not sure myself
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    What fairytale creature matches you best?

    • A forest fairy
    • A witch or an elf
    • A princess threatened by a seven-headed dragon
    • A wise queen
    • A pirate girl!
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    Your dream guy should be…

    • Very intelligent, helpful and understanding
    • Reserved, calm and reliable
    • Charismatic, passionate, with his own sense of humor
    • Gentle, protective and very unselfish
    • Playful, brave, always ready to have fun
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    You wouldn´t mind, if your dream guy was…

    • A bit immature
    • A little proud
    • Sort of dangerous
    • Moody and hot-tempered
    • Very devoted to his work
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    When you have some time for yourself, you… (I couldn´t use the option “read books” cause it was suitable for all of them!!!)

    • Go for a great adventure
    • Write a story / Start daydreaming
    • Take a long walk / Gossip with friends
    • Paint / Have a long conversation with someone
    • Unconsciously get myself in trouble
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    Are you happy about how you look like?

    • More like… settled. Mostly. I realize there are far more important things than that.
    • Not really; either I don´t care or I feel a little unhappy about it
    • I might be okay now but I used to be very troubled about it as a kid
    • I think I am…
    • I´m not sure… I don´t think I´ve ever thought of this before
  • Question of

    People like you, because you are…

    • Adventurous, friendly and very good at telling stories
    • Smart, modest and hard-working.
    • Different than most people and very brave
    • Lively, witty and cheerful.
    • Intelligent and very kind, sort of original personality.
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    If someone doesn´t like you, it´s because…

    • I do things the way I want to and don´t care about what other people think
    • Either they envy me something or they don´t like my unusual behaviour swings
    • I´m very sincere, little defiant and I always defend myself when someone´s unfair to me
    • They´re just jealous cause someone is paying attention to me instead of them
    • They probably aren´t capable of liking anyone at all
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    You and your friends…?

    • I only have a few friends, but I love them with all my soul.
    • Most of my friends, including the best one, are boys and I really enjoy my time with them
    • I have one best friend and then a lot of… let´s say acquaintances
    • I have many friends and I´m very fond of them
    • Well, there are many of them and they have this unhappy little tendency to fight over me
  • Question of

    Which of the following flowers reminds you of yourself?

    • Fressia
    • Forget-me-not
    • Sunflower
    • Lily
    • Wild rose


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