Which Outlander Man Is Your Soulmate?

“Outlander” author Diana Gabaldon has created an incredible world, one that is beloved by millions of readers and viewers. And let’s be honest: almost every man described in the “Outlander” novel series is attractive, as are virtually all of the actors we see on the “Outlander” television adaptation. They’re rugged, they’re Scottish or English and they have accents. What’s not to like? But this quiz isn’t about which “Outlander” man can get it; it’s about which one is right for you!

  • Question of

    How would you like to spend your honeymoon?

    • Seeing the sights during the day and making love at night
    • Climbing mountains, taking hikes, and making love under the stars
    • A secluded cabin where you can walk around naked and spend the days pleasuring each other
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    You two are having a huge fight. What caused it?

    • He was acting jealous unnecessarily
    • He is too focused on his work
    • He handled a family problem without discussing it with you
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    Where do you see your relationship in five years?

    • You’re surrounded by children and you both work modest jobs that give you plenty of time for family
    • You are both in successful jobs with one child that you spoil
    • He is an influential politician and you support his causes while maintaining a career in the arts
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    How would you describe your lovemaking?

    • It’s like West Virginia, ‘Wild and Wonderful’
    • It’s beautiful and loving
    • It’s not every day, but when you do get together, you make up for it twice over
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    What kind of car do you like?

    • Toyota Prius
    • Toyota Highlander
    • Toyota Tundra
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    What kind of house do you live in?

    • A beautiful Tudor with lots of history and character
    • A country home that has no neighbors and a long rock driveway
    • A dramatic mansion bought with family money
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    How do you get along with your in laws?

    • They try to tell my husband how to live and constantly undermine me
    • They’re alright but one of them gets a little bossy which can frustrate me
    • They are unbelievably nasty
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    It’s your birthday. What does he get you?

    • A lovely and ostentatious piece of jewelry
    • A first edition of your favorite classic novel
    • A family heirloom with a heartfelt card
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    How do you celebrate your ten year anniversary?

    • You travel to a far off place together
    • He makes you a homemade dinner and you spend the night talking about your marriage
    • He takes you to a fabulous dinner and treats you like a Queen
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    Where did you two meet?

    • While walking your dog
    • At school
    • At the gym or while out on a run


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