Someone Is Adding Fake Subtitles To Library Books And We’re Rolling From Laughter

Authors spend a lot of time coming up with titles for their texts and Snide Octopus spends a lot of time messing them up.

these subtitles usually either cut to the core of the book and brilliantly summarize it or provide an alternative title that would either insult and enrage its author or make him laugh. The unapologetic approach is perfect when it comes to everybody else, though. They catch us off guard and deliver unexpected giggles not only book geeks can enjoy. Scroll down to appreciate Snide Octopus’s humorous creations

That narrows it down!!

“Fire from Heaven, Noise from Hell”. Also known as “Please Make It Go Away Mommy, Hug Me Tight”. 

I will want to watch that

This could be the name of a Panic! at the Disco song



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