Stray Dog Steals Book From Bookstore, Goes Viral After They Notice Which Book Is Missing

Dogs really are an endless source of love and fun, but they will never stop surprising us with their intelligence.

Recently, the internet was thrilled by this homeless dog living in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, who was caught on the security cameras of “Infinity” bookstore. After a random man from the street returned a book that had been missing from the store, the staff decided to playback the CCTV video to see what really happened. Turns out, the dog that had been sleeping in front of their entrance for a while, but had never been caught entering the store, finally made his move. He entered the bookstore completely unnoticed and headed right to the shelves as if he was a normal customer. This smart animal casually grabbed the book that he wanted and rushed out from the store.

When everyone saw what actually happened, they were even more surprised to find out that the book that this lonely dog stole from the store was titled “Days of Abandonment,” which probably describes the living conditions of the poor animal. This weird coincidence left everyone thrilled, and the book, that now has dog‘s teeth marks on the cover, is being kept at the bookstore as a souvenir. The dog himself, after this incident, was taken off the streets, taken care of and is ready to find his forever home. We hope he will!

This dog has been living in front of “Infinity” bookstore’s entrance for a while but has never been caught picking up anything

Until recently the staff of the bookstore was surprised by the first book this animal stole


The security camera shows the dog entering the bookstore and turning right to the shelves

Curious animal grabs one book and suddenly rushes out from the store


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