The biggest part of Game of Thrones is most definitely the character deaths. While most of them, and most of the series, is incredibly soul crushing, there have been some deaths that have brought a great deal of joy to our lives!

So, brace yourselves the top 11 most satisfying deaths in GOT are coming!

(And so are spoilers.)


You have to admit, you wanted something bad to happen to her. And then, when it actually, happened you weren’t sure how to feel! Now don’t get me wrong, Lyssa did not necessarily deserve to die, but she sure as hell rubbed everyone the wrong way.

With her grossly wild obsession with Littlefinger—which drove her to murder her own husband—Lyssa was a really weak character who mistakenly believed she was powerful. On top of that, her relationship with her son, and the way she threatened Sansa and Tyrion, just made her grossly unlikeable!

(Also, the irony of being thrown down the Moon Door by her “lover” after threatening everyone else with it is pretty darn satisfying.)



Although she wasn’t a huge player throughout the series, the Waif was a threat to one of the fan-favorites: Arya Stark.

We all wanted to see Arya kick some major ass in Season 5, but, under the training of the Faceless Men, she is looked down on, beaten, and literally left blind!

It was a very depressing time for GoT fans. Season 5 was rough to get through (and rougher for Arya).

That’s what makes the fight between Arya and the Waif such a relief to watch! As season 6 finally builds the series back up, the win for our girl Arya is a moment of satisfaction for fans, one that lifted all our hopes for the series.


Love him, hate him, or feel something in between, everyone has a different opinion on Stannis. While there were a number of lovable aspects to his character, Stannis also did many unsavory things, like killing his own brother in the beginning of the series.

In spite of that, he grew on many people as a character who was neither trying to be cruel nor trying to be a hero. It was only until he tossed the one redeeming quality he had, his role as a genuinely kindhearted father, that fans desperately wanted to see him fail.

 Yup! In a desperate play for success, he sacrificed the life of his daughter, dropping his approval rating back down to being one of the most hated characters in Game of Thrones.

Stannis becoming the worst father in Westeros (not an easy feat), and in general making a number of downright awful decisions, is not the only reason his death is so satisfying. The fact that Brienne of Tarth, who pledged herself to Renly’s Kingsguard back in Season 2, was the one who took him out brings everything neatly full circle.

I would’ve included Selyse Baratheon’s death, as she is the absolute worst mother of the year, but the fact that she took her life realizing how terrible she is makes it more upsetting and bittersweet.



Here’s another character we found unbearably annoying and couldn’t wait for karma knock down.

Viserys was always looking to get what he felt he deserved, and, like so many in the series, he claimed that the Iron Throne was his birthright. Unlike Stannis, however, Viserys really didn’t have any redeemable qualities. In fact, his death is one of the few deaths everyone can agree brought us nothing but joy!

After selling off his sister, the beloved Mother of Dragons Danaerys Targaryen, to the savage warrior tribe the Dothraki, Viserys becomes nothing more than whiny and abusive. With the tides turned and Danaerys gaining more power and happiness from her initially forced marriage, Viserys becomes more of a useless character.

To all of our delight, he was finally gone! And I guess you can say he got the crown he really deserved.

What also makes this death so satisfying is Danny’s reaction to it and the power that she’s finally given! So satisfying!


Who didn’t love Olenna?! I mean really! She was hilarious, full of wit, had more control of her situation than any other character, and she wasn’t a shitty person, like every other royal person who visited King’s Landing.

Her death, as unfortunate as it was, was perfect for her. Olenna didn’t suffer, and she took it like the total badass that she is! That alone would be enough to make everyone feel at ease, but what makes her death really great (which is weird to say, I know) is her confession at the end!

Finally, we learned of the Messiah that freed us of the pest that we all know as Joffrey!

Thank you Olenna, you wonderful badass!

Pretty much everyone’s reaction after her death.


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