These 30 Libraries Will Surprise You With Their Creativity And Sense Of Humor

Most of us are used to seeing libraries as these strict places where all fun is banned and you must be quiet and serious at all times. Sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it? Well, what if we told you librarians actually have a sense of humor too?

Bookish Buzz has compiled a list of the most fun and creative things libraries have come up with and you’ll realize they’re not so dull after all. Check them out in the gallery below!

#1 This Is Dina. She Volunteers At Our Local Library As A Reading Dog. Kids With Difficulties Read For Her And She Does Not Judge

#2 This Entrance To The Kids Section At Our Local Library

#3 This Library Has A Directory For Topics People Might Be Embarrassed To Ask For

#4 Blind Dates Prevent You From Judging A Book By Its Cover


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