This is the ideal home for those who love books AND cats

In Brooklyn, architecture firm BFDO Architects have designed a home that perfect for both book worms and crazy cat ladies.
The beautiful row townhouse is owned by a married couple who are both into poetry and literature. To accommodate their extensive library, the firm put in long bookshelves that are present in nearly every room – even in the kitchen.

And because the family has cats, the shelves were made to double as a massive playground. Alexandra Barker, BFDO’s founder and principal, elaborated:

“The shelves project to create steps for the cats to climb up to a continuous open ledge, where they can observe activities from a high vantage point,” she said. There are also trap doors that “allow the cats to access rooms above at either end of the house.”

There are other noteworthy features too. These include a two-story wall of glass that floods the interiors with natural light, an art studio on the second floor, and a cat-free basement where the gym and the guest bedroom are located.

Original details – such as the door knobs, pine floors, staircase banisters, and an antique chest found in the dining room – were preserved, bridging the dwelling’s past with its future.


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