Top 10 Wickedly Witchy Books

Below are titles—all of which I have read and recommend—for adults and teens looking for books about witches. In some of these titles, witches are upfront and center, Hocus Pocus style. In others, these powerful cacklers play minor but necessary background roles. Here are our top 10 wickedly witchy books to get you in the wickedly witchy spirit any time of the year.

Adult Witchy Books

1. The Color of Fear by Wendy Wanner

A 2018 title by an indie author, The Color of Fear intertwines Wiccan culture and religion with a modern day murder mystery. Rachel’s life has been full of tragic deaths, which as they build in number, seems suspiciously intentional. In a small town world full of old money and waspy secrets, Rachel must uncover the clandestine lies that tie all of these murders together. With strong, hell-bent women, affairs, suicides, murders, water phobias, and unplanned pregnancies, there is only one answer: the presence of witchcraft. More than your average cozy mystery, The Color of Fear focus on relationships and political corruption in a Jan Karon town meets witches kind of description. There is more of a magical realism component than the magic itself, and this title is a murder mystery versus a fantasy. See the full review The Color of Fear. Read More.
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2. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

When books I love become TV series, I about lose my mind in excitement. A Discovery Witches is no different and is the first book in the bestselling All Souls Trilogy. I have yet to read the rest of the series—note the books are incredibly captivating but long—but the first book hooked me with its love story. Witches are not supposed to trust vampires. Diana Bishop, a descendant of a witchy past, discovers a coveted and magically essential text. With the trifecta of an intriguing man–mysterious, deadly, and presumably gorgeous—Diana must learn and accept more about her own witchy dealings while helping the magical community. Fantasy, romance, and mystery all tied into one will keep readers digging deeper into the hundreds of pages and wanting more. Read More.
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3. Wicked: Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire

Most of us have seen or at least know about the Tony-award-winning Broadway musical, Wicked, based loosely on this book. Although I remember finding more dissimilarity across the book and play, I thoroughly enjoyed both for their satire and imagery. Truly though, welcome to my personal hell. Readers enter the world of Oz. Shiver. Yet, this Wizard of Oz story is brilliantly told from a different perspective. Wicked is more about the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba, and how she came to an unfair and untimely demise. With a rough upbringing and education with the spoiled and popular Galinda (Glinda), we realize that maybe the Wicked Witch isn’t so wickedly evil after all. Maybe she is just a social activist with strong political views. Political fiction is a genre, right? Read More.
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