Travellers Staying At This Place In Scotland Take Turns Running The Bookshop Downstairs

At The Open Book, in Wigtown, Scotland, you can fulfill your dream of running a bookstore. The unique Airbnb flat costs just 57 USD a night, but it comes with a stipulation: renters also work at the bookshop on the first floor, doing everything that a regular bookshop owner might do.

“This project started about two years ago,” the owners said. “We wanted a way for people to experience the dream of having their own bookshop by the sea in Scotland (who doesn’t fantasize about that?), without making a huge commitment. We though creating a bookshop holiday was the answer.

Have you ever dreamt of having your own bookstore?

“How much you work, or IF you work, is really up to you,” Open Book told Bored Panda

The second floor flat can comfortably accommodate two visitors

“All of our guests are beautifully unique, with their own stories to share”

“One of my favourites was a couple in their 80’s, who came to The Open Book for their honeymoon”

Come make your dream a reality!

Image credits: The Open Book / Cassie


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  1. Very interesting in staying in the bookstore and working please tell me when I ca book and how much I have to pay upfront!! USA, Alabama, also interested in house swap with other guests.

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