Unique Bookstore in China Offers Optical Illusion Experience of Endless Halls of Books

A bookstore, with its many-layered shelves holding new worlds to be discovered, is a fantastic place to get lost in for hours on end. A newly opened shop in Hangzhou, China features a labyrinthian interior that seems designed for this very purpose. Created by the company XL-MUSE, the bookstore appears to be one endless catacomb, thanks in part to strategically placed mirrors that throw the interior space into an illusion of unlimited rows of books.

The unique bookstore is located on the main plaza of the commercial center of Star Avenue, in the Binjiang District close to the Qiantang River. The space within the store is split into distinctive sections, each inviting visitors to get lost amongst the thousands of pages on display. The sections include a peaceful reading room with benches to relax on, a grove of white pillars and rebounding mirrors, and a whimsical children’s area equipped with a train, merry-go-round, and even a Ferris wheel.

The incredible and creative space is the perfect location to browse for a new favorite story or to spends hours just enjoying the imaginative ambience.


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